Spear Fishing Style

Apr 13 2012

The spear type of fishing must take copious amounts of skill and determination. This photo is taken on the Island of Mare in New Caledonia. Photo by Stéphane Ducandas.

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A Rare Deep Sea Predator – Viperfish

Jul 4 2011

Some of the deepest parts of our planet are a home to rare species like the Viperfish. Earlier we did a post about other species that live at great depths in the Marianas Trench, you should check it out also!

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Funny Looking Fish

Funniest Looking Fish In The World

Jun 11 2011

One has to truly appreciate nature, it is very funny to see when it creates creatures that look a bit different. Take a look at this little guy - very cool looking fish.

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Beautiful White Sea

Beautiful White Sea Waterworld

May 19 2011

The end result of combining stunning photography and one of the most beautiful underwater worlds is a spectacular photo experience. Check out these photos to see the White Sea through a lens of a very talented biologist/photographer.

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Mariana Trench Monster

Deep Dwellers - Marianas Trench

May 12 2011

Check out some of the creatures that live at the deepest part of our planet. These images were taken on one of the most recent dives into the trench (2008). There has been only 3 dives down (two unmanned and one manned), which makes these images a very rare sight.

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Plitvice Preview

Plitvice Lakes National Park - Lika, Croatia

Apr 19 2011

This definitely qualifies for one of the most beautiful places on our planet. This park lays high in the mountainous region of Lika, Croatia. Take a look at these beautiful pictures and find out some information about this park.

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World's Smallest Aquarium

Apr 13 2011

This tiny waterworld was created by brilliant Russian craftsmen Anatoly and Stanislav Konenko. Its longer side is about 3 cm and it hosts several miniature zebrafishes.

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