Semporna Clear Water

Around the World in Photos Pt.3 [17 Pics]

Jun 10 2012

Take a look at this roundup of photos from around the world taken by many different photographers. Stunning!

Summer colours

Colours of Summer – Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, Italy. Photo by Edmondo Senatore.

Semporna Clear Water

Sea Gypsies – Semporna, Borneo Island. Photo by Jason Matthew Tye.

The Matrix

Matrix. Photo by Vulture Labs.

Blue Bells in the Mist

Bluebells in the Mist. Photo by Martin Pearce.

747 Flying high

Flying high. Photo by jpro747@Flickr.

Pizzo Guardiello Italy

Pizzo Guardiello, Italy. Photo by Stefano Roverato.

Leopard Family Resting

Cheetah family resting. Photographer unknown, let us know!

Eagle flying low

Big and Majestic. Photo by Roman Fiser.

Aogashima Island Arial View

Aogashima – a hidden volcanic island. Photographer unknown, let us know!

Iceland Abandoned Truck

Sudur-Mulasysla, Iceland. Photo by Atli Egilsson.

Horseshoe Bend Colorado USA

Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River, USA. Photo by David (Myeyeongaia@Flickr).

Storm moving away

Storm moving away. Photo by Marvin Bredel.

Magical Cottage

A Magical Cottage. Photo by Jeff Clow.

B-2 Stealth Bomber Refuelling

B-2 Stealth bomber refueling in mid-air from a KC-135 Tanker. Photo by Charles (ksjaycat@Flickr).

Cinque Terre Manarola Italy

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy. Photo by Ashley Pomeroy.

Staircase in Hamburg Germany

A staircase inside an office building that was built in 1924. Messberghof, Hamburg, Germany. Photo by Siebren (-Siep-@Flickr).

Hellesylt Norway

Hellesylt, Norway. Photo by Javier Bernabeu.

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