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Mar 27 2023

Explore some of the most expensive coins ever created in the world that were produced without permission and managed to get out of the vaults from the most secure places in the world!

1804 Silver Dollar - $4,140,000

This coin is nicknamed the "king of U.S. Coins" for a good reason because there are only fifteen known specimens of this silver coin in the world! Minted from 1793 to 1803 and later reproduced from 1804 to 1835. The particular 1804 Silver dollar was used in exchange for gifts from rulers like the sultan of Muscat and king of Siam which each were presented one set. the gift to the sultan of Muscat resulted in a diplomatic gift which was a full grown lion and lioness for the Washington Zoo.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel - $4,560,000

It is not common that we have coins minted without permission, but that's why the 1913 nickel is one of the most rarest coins in existence well at least in the 20th century, also known as the king of 20th-century coinage. actually there are only 5 of these coins were ever produced. they are all specimen-proof coins!

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar - $6,600,000

Only 1,758 coins were minted, It is thought that only a handful of 1794 Silver dollars exist. this 1794-dollar MS66+ is so rare because of its condition. This coin is more replicated, which makes the coin even more hard to tell how much there is in the world.

1343 Edward III Florin - $6,800,000

When the coin was minted it was worth 6 shillings, It's not a surprise how much this coin gained price over 680 years. Because only 3 of these coins were ever found at least known to exist it is one of the rarest coins ever found.

1787 Brasher Doubloon - $7,400,000

Many people have goals to find or buy this doubloon, but worth 7.4 million is really expensive and no one ever seen one for sale in a while. When the minter Ephraim Brasher was declined after asking the New York state to mint new coins, he still decided to mint the coin anyway. he made some in bronze and gold, which later became the rarest U.S. coins, Even in the world. A Wall Street investment recently bought one of these doubloons for $7.4 million.

1933 Saint Gaudens-Double Eagle - $18,900,000

The mint began producing Saint Gaudens gold coins in 1933 But stopped minting them and melting a handful of the gold coins because of Executive Order (EO) 6102 Signed by President Theodor Roosevelt. The EO banned U.S. citizens from owning gold coins and required them to exchange them for paper currency. A few of these coins somehow made thier way out of the mint's vaults.

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