Time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time. Interesting things, humor, facts, videos, quotes, wallpapers, plus cool stuff to buy online.

The reasoning being our content creation and content creation of other websites, especially those that have become monetized via advertising, is WORLDS apart. Around here, we're more about quality, not so much the quantity...

ILTWMT is constantly evolving, but for now, here are some of our values, beliefs and ideas:

  • We specialize in timeless, quality content.
  • This resource is meant to be both educational and enjoyable.
  • Think of us as Wikipedia of all things interesting (minus all the not-so-interesting stuff).
  • Re: Wallpapers. We're not just another wallpaper dump. We take extreme pride in every single wallpaper that is featured on ILTWMT. We never fool you with any low quality upscales of wallpapers, and, in most cases, if the wallpaper already exists somewhere, our version will always be better since a lot of the time goes into ensuring the perfect colors/sharpness for resolutions they have been created for. Rest assured, whenever you download wallpapers from us you're getting quality.

Thank you for your continuous support!


Future Plans:

  • Launch the 'Games' section of the website. We're looking for partners/investors for this one, so please get in touch in case you're interested.
  • Make the content even better by personally visiting as many locations (to re-document/re-shoot).
  • Launch 'DIY' (Do it Yourself) section of simple projects that could benefit your day-to-day life.

We're in Edmonton, Canada, and San Francisco, California.