Daily Wallpaper Little Daschund

May 9 2014

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Australian shepherd

Daily Wallpaper Australian Shepherd

Mar 19 2014

Australian shepherd

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The Dog Shake [Video]

Dec 10 2013

No matter what your mood is, this should cheer you up nicely. Video by Carli Davidson.

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Dog Driving School in New Zealand [Video]

Dec 6 2012

Watch how these dogs get trained to drive motor vehicles, super impressive!

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Dog Meets Trampoline [Video]

Sep 22 2012

Looks like this dog had a blast! Dogs are awesome.

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Just a Dog Swimming With the Dolphins [Video]

Aug 7 2012

The reason why dogs are awesome. This kind of nature bonding is just so cool to see! The dolphins embrace it as one of their own and just hang out together.

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Not Dressing Up for Halloween? No Problem! Dress Up Your Dog Instead!

Oct 29 2011

Meet Bones Mello. If you like Star Wars, chances are you will like this little guy! Let us know in comments below if you have ever dressed up your pets for Halloween before.

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