Daily Wallpaper Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Jun 7 2016

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Scary Landslide in Malaysia

May 18 2013

This is definitely a great addition to our collection of natural disasters, and somewhat reminds me of the biggest glacier collapse ever recorded on film. Truly mind-blowing!

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Amazing Base-Jumping in Malaysia [Video]

May 2 2013

Skydiving is not something easily beat in terms of an adrenaline rush... but I think being in a middle of a metropolis while chucking yourself off of a tower sounds even more fun!

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Oil Rig Turned Diving Resort - Seaventures

Apr 29 2011

The Seaventures experience truly is unique, offering all of the delights of a dive resort, combined with the convenience of a liveaboard and the accessibility of Sipadan (Malaysia) and beauty of a nearby paradise island. This rig has been converted into a hotel and resort for snorkelers and divers.

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