spectacle of colours underwater photo

Breathtaking Underwater Photography [14 Pics]

Apr 25 2012

These photos are the winners of University of Miami's annual Underwater Photography contest. Some beautiful creatures live out of reach of our eyes!

wide angle underwater

Spiraling Underwater View [Wide Angle – First Place] Photo by Mark Fuller.

wide angle river underwater

Beneath an area of red mangroves; South Bimini, Bahamas [Wide Angle – Second Place] Photo by Matthew D. Potenski.

spectacle of colours underwater photo

Pink soft corals; Fiji [Wide Angle – Third Place] Photo by Bill Lamp’l.

Headshield Slug

Headshield slug; US Virgin Islands. [Best overall Photograph] Photo by Ximena Olds.

Procelain Crab

Procelain crab; Komodo National Park, Indonesia [Macro Photography – Second Place] Photo by Davide Lopresti.

Yellownose Gobies

Yellownose gobies; Dutch Caribbean [Macro Photography – First Place] Photo by Todd Mintz.

Ghostly nudibranch

Ghostly nudibranch; Greece [Fish or Marine Life Portrait – Third Place] Photo by Nicholas Samaras.

Juvenile Sperm Whale

Juvenile sperm whale; Dominica Island, Caribbean Sea [Fish or Marine Life Portrait – First Place] Photo by Douglas A. Kahle.

Emperor Shrimp Indonesia

Orange, white and purple Emperor Shrimp; Ambon, Indonesia [Macro Photography – Third Place] Photo by Marcello Di Francesco.

Paddle Flap Rhinopias

Paddle Flap Rhinopias; Bali, Indonesia [Fish or Marine Life Portrait – Second Place] Photo by Rockford Draper.

Whale Shark Mexico

Whale Shark; Mujeres, Mexico [Student Photo – First Place] Photo by Kyra Hartog

Spotted Harlequin Shrimp

Spotted Harlequin Shrimp; Similan Islands, Thailand [Student Photo – Second Place] Photo by Phillip Gillette.

Lemon Shark Tiger Sharks swimming

A juvenile Tiger Shark and a Lemon Shark; Bahamas [Student Photo – Third Place] Photo by Austin Gallagher

Nettle Jellyfish

Sea Nettle Jellyfish; Monterey, California [Fan Favourite Award] Photo by Todd Aki.

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