Stunning Beauty of Levens Hall Garden, UK [9 Pics]

Laven Hall Gardens

Jul 11 2012

Designed by a pupil of le Notre (the designer of the gardens at Versailles, France) this has got to be one of the coolest gardens we have seen in a while. The gardens are dated back all the way to 1694, just after Colonel James Grahme acquired the property after his service in the military for King James II.

Laven Hall Estate

The estate originally started out as a pele tower (a signal tower in the medieval ages – to warn of fore-coming dangers). Photo by Brian Clift.

Laven Hall Garden and orchards

Guillaume Beaumont was the young gardener that transformed the gardens into what they are now hundreds of years ago. Photo by Matt Ots.

Laven hall green grass

The garden is meticulously cared for on a day-to-day basis by workers. Photo by (c)Kaa@Flickr.

Beautiful Garden of Laven Hall

The garden incorporates an orchard of apple trees and medlars, a nuttery, a herb garden and a beautiful rose garden. Photo by Maureen Elizabeth Rush.

Spectacular array of colours

Photo by Rex Harris.

Amazing Tree in Laven Hall Garden

Many shapes that you see today remained from the original designs of Guillaume. Photo by Rex Harris.

Laven Hall Green Tunnel

Photo by Rex Harris.

Laven Hall Flowers Blossoming

The gardens always have different aromas depending on the time of the year. Photo by Tara T (as well as the cover photo).

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