Demon's Face found on Mars Surface

A Demon's Face Found in the Deepest Valley on Mars [6 Pics]

Jul 13 2012

Found in the deepest valley of Mars, this could possibly be the coolest thing we have seen from the Mars' surface yet. Could this mean that Mars was in fact a populated planet in its distant past, or is this another coincidence? Fake or not, this is great food for thought.

ESA (European Space Agency) began their epic “Mars Express” mission way back in June of 2003. Since then the lander, Beagle 2, has been capturing some mind-blowing photos of the Mars surface.

View of the Melas Chasma Valley from Space

Valles Marineris is an ancient (and enormous) natural crack system on Mars. It can be seen on this aerial photo of the area.

The overview of the melas chasma on mars

The Melas Charma sits approximately 9 km below the surface of the planet (making it one of the deepest areas on Mars - nearly 5 times deeper then the Grand Canyon on Earth). Due to its extremely wide open area, it gets plenty of light all year round.

The valley where the demons face was found

The demon face that was spotted in the imagery from Beagle 2 rover.

Close up of the demons face

A more zoomed in version of the anomaly found inside the ancient valley.

Close up of the demons face

Back view of the Melas Chasma Valley

The other side of the valley, what a beautiful view!

What do you think this could be? Is this another coincidence?

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