A Recreation of a German General's Bunker in 1945 [22 Pics]

The General inside his Den

Jul 14 2012

During the spring of 1945 the allies were at the footsteps of Berlin. Many high ranking generals went underground in their fortified bunker to seek protection against the allied offensive. Photos by Sergey Anashkevitch.

Three bunkers such as this one were built around Berlin by 1935. Each was at the depth of 131 feet (40m) below the surface, and utilized concrete walls of thickness anywhere between 1.6m – 4.5m thick.

The empty office of a high ranking German General

Each bunker was built as an air lock, to prevent any type of biological or toxic attack. The loss of power was also taken into account and the bunkers were equipped with diesel generators.

General at his desk

General's cap

A military jacket of the general, olive drab colour

The iron cross on the general's jacket

The desk overview

German WW2 documents

German Typewriter machine

A soldiers manuscript

A desk full of interesting WW2 era German items

A full ashtray

German Cigarettes

Empty liquor bottles on the floor

Wine bottle on the desk

Luger on top of the General's desk

The map of Berlin during its final days

Generals cap, sitting on top of the radio

A strong old chair where the General sits

A large oak desk in the General's bunker

The final call to the general

The entire bunker

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