Post-Production of Photos At Its Finest [15 Pics]

Porsche 959 Rocky Cliffs Stefan Froscher

Aug 1 2012

Ever wondered why those images that you see in advertisements and magazines look SO good?

People at Stefan Fröscher create and re-touch images (for several large manufacturers and corporations) to make them look almost unreal. A few of our favorites:

BMW X5 Postproduction Stefan Froscher

Porsche Stefan Froscher

Porsche Stefan Froscher

Targa Stefan Froscher Porsche

Porsche 90s Stefan Froscher

Stefan Froscher 353 Porsche sunny day

Mercedes Truck Stefan Froscher

BMW 7series Stefan Froscher Edited

FedEx Stefan Froscher Advertisement

Beautiful View Stefan Froscher

Mountains and Oceans Stefan Froscher

Stefan Froscher River

Stefan Froscher Sunny days

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