Interestingly Strange Inventions of the Past [22 Pics]

Aug 21 2012

From Italian 150km/h single wheel motorcycles to photo-taking revolvers, this is some genuine 'WTF' content for sure. Enjoy!

A baby stroller in case of a gas attack. (England, 1938)

An all terrain vehicle (that remains level at all times). Capable of overcoming slopes up to 65°. (1931)

Amphibious bicycle that is able to be ridden on land as well as water. Maximum weight on water was 120kg. (France, 1932)

A single-wheel motorcycle with a maximum speed of 150 km/h. (Italy, 1931)

A hat that is also a radio. (USA, 1931)

Life jackets created out of bicycle tubes. (Germany, 1925)

An extending RV. (France, 1934)

A piano for bedridden people. (England, 1935)

Glasses that enable you to read while lying down. (England, 1936)

A cover with a ‘safety’ net to reduce the number of casualties on the roads. (France, 1924)

Analog GPS navigation that utilizes a scrolling map. The scroll speed depends on the speed of the car. (1932) [This totally looks like something out of the Fallout game series!]

An expanding bridge, capable of holding massive amounts of weight. It gets transported on a trolley. (Netherlands, 1926)

A shield to protect the face during snow storms and blizzards. Now that's weird! (Canada, 1939)

An early contraption that could be compared to a modern day hair dryer.

A revolver that captures an image right before the trigger is pressed. (USA, 1938)

A mouthpiece that allows a person to smoke in the rain. Like a sir. (1931)

A double mouthpiece, that holds two cigarettes – a chain smokers paradise. (1932)

A mask that was supposed to help Hollywood actresses fight against hangovers. It is made up of ice cubes stuck in different spots that cool the face. It was coined by Max Factor. (USA, 1947)

A newspaper that was delivered through fax. (1938)

A bike for the entire family... that also has a built in sewing machine. (USA, 1939)

A device that would teach a child how to walk. (Switzerland, 1939)

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