Mimas over Saturn

Amazing Cosmic Art for Your Walls [18 Pics]

Oct 16 2012

Michael Benson works at the intersection of art and science. He colors, edits and composes multiple raw images that are freely available for download though NASA's website, producing seamless digital C prints of landscapes beyond direct human experience. It's like being where the space probe went, and seeing it with your own eyes. Simply breathtaking!


Valles Marineris Canyon on Mars. Viking Orbiter 1, July 16, 1978, 2003.

Mimas over Saturn

Mimas over Saturn. Cassini, November 7, 2004, 2011.

Jupiter's Ocean Moon

Europa, Jupiter’s Ocean Moon. Galileo, March 29, 1998, 2003.

Volcanic IO

Volcanic Io with Two Eruptions Visible. Galileo, July 3, 1999, 2010.

Nasa photo of the back of the moon

Mare Orientale, Lunar Orbiter 5, August 18, 1967, 2003.

Benson Earth

Crescent Earth. Rosetta, November 13, 2009, 2010.

Jupiter Great Red Spot

Europa and Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. Voyager 1, March 3, 1979, 2003.

Ultraviolet Sun

The Ultraviolet Sun. TRACE, July 30, 1999, 2007.

Night Side of Saturn

Night Side of Saturn. Cassini, October 28, 2006, 2011.

Saturn Ring shadows

Mimas over Saturn’s Ring Shadows. Cassini, Jan. 18, 2005, 2011.

Mars Opportunity rover landscape

Cliffs and Clouds on Mars. Opportunity Rover, November 13–20, 2004, 2007.

New Neptune and Triton

Neptune and Triton. Voyager 2, August 31, 1989, 2011.

Saturn and mimas

Saturn, Mimas and Tethys. Cassini, July 16, 2005, 2011.

Titan's Atmosphere

Titan’s Atmosphere. Cassini, March 31, 2005, 2011.

Herschel Crater

Phobos over Herschel Crater. Viking Orbiter 1, September 26, 1977, 2003.

Titan and Saturn

Titan and Saturn. Cassini, May 21, 2004, 2011.

Transit of IO

Transit of Io. Cassini, January 1, 2001, 2011.

Rhea and Saturn

Rhea and Saturn. Cassini, May 8, 2010, 2011

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