Incredible 3D Art [26 Pics]

GreenShadow Town

Dec 8 2012

A terrific roundup of some of the best 3D art from around the world. Be sure to click on images for higher resolution versions to see all the details.

Cover: GreenShadow Town by Yang Bo

Creating Worlds

Creating Worlds by Alberto Trujillo

Gnomon Master Class Image 01

Gnomon Master Class Image 01 by David Lesperance

Rain Street

Rain Street by zhang naigang


Dock35 by Stefan Morrell

Electric locomotive

Electric locomotive by Marcel Haladej

3D illustration futuristic industrie

3D illustration futuristic industrie by Wuentin Mabille

Personal Artwork: Octopus' Diner

Personal Artwork: Octopus' Diner by Stephan Brisson

Alien Vs Predator: Chess

Alien Vs Predator: Chess by Benjamin Parry

Lux Lucis

Lux Lucis by Chris Thunig

Mechanical sleep

Mechanical sleep by Vladimir Kufeld

Spider Robot

Spider Robot by Adrien Lambert

Eastern Diaojiao Lou

Eastern Diaojiao Lou by Ke Chen

Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide by Ognian Bonev

Rail haven

Rail haven by Marco Rolandi

Worth enough?

Worth enough? by Radoslav Zilinsky

Wizard's home

Wizard's home by Peter Swigut


Futurescape by Stefan Morrell

Maintenance Office

Maintenance Office by Michael Sormann


Workshop by Raphael Lacoste for Ubisoft

Sunlight Bright And Beautiful Afternoon

Sunlight Bright And Beautiful Afternoon by Xiaoge Liu

Medieval Airport

Medieval Airport by Dave Brinda

Grand Space Opera Winner

Grand Space Opera Winner by Alexander Preuss

Sunset on Babylon

Sunset on Babylon by Raphael Lacoste

Louvre 1622

Louvre 1622 by Tchook


Louvre1622-by-night by Tchook

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