Bullets Precisely Split in Half

Jul 20 2013

1. 5.56x45 loaded with a steel projectile in a copper half-jacket to protect the bore
2. 5.56mm XM216 SPIW Flechette
3. 7.62/.220 Salvo Squeezebore

1. 9x19mm - looks much like a British 9mm MkIIz
2. 9x19mm - solid brass hollow point
3. 9x19mm - either a tracer or possibly an explosive projectile

1. 9x19mm Cobra "High Safety Ammunition" - steel darts inside a polymer sabot
2. 9x19mm Israeli riot control - steel balls embedded in amber resin

1. 7.62x51mm Plastic short-range training tracer
2. 7.92mm Mauser
3. 6.5x55mm wood bullet blank.

1. .450 Adams
2. .38 Speer Target

1. .38 Special Glaser
2. .224 BOZ

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