A Man Caught Outside of a Lighthouse During a Huge Storm

Nov 29 2011

Perhaps one of the most famous photos of this particular French lighthouse, located in the Celtic Sea, North Atlantic Ocean. First constructed in 1904, it became known to the world thanks to the photographs captured during the 1989 storm by a French photographer, Jean Guichard.

The lighthouse keeper (seen in the photo) heard a helicopter sound and decided to check if it was a rescue helicopter, only to find out that it was a media helicopter that was documenting the storm. He was able to re-enter the lighthouse unharmed.

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Lighthouses & Storms

While you're at it, check out this amazing compilation of French lighthouses during stormy conditions.

Ever wonder how light-keepers get into lighthouses? See the video of "Le Kereon" Lighthouse keeper relieve below to get all your questions answered.

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