Buzludza Communist Bulgaria

A Strange Structure High In The Bulgarian Mountains

Sep 13 2011

In 1891, socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev assembled secretly in this area to form an organized socialist movement. In honor of this act, during the rule of Soviet Union, the following saucer-like monument was built on top of this pass.

It was once a very beautiful building inside – but now it is a mere Cold War Ruin. Here is what the Buzludza monument looked like on the day it opened. It was truly a spectacular sight!

The interior of the building was decorated in authentic Soviet style of the era. A beautiful hammer and sickle on the top of the roof topped off the finish touches.

Today it is a very eerie place that brings back memories of the socialist rule.

Buzludza is reached by a 12 km side road from the Shipka Pass.

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