How Toys are Made: The Secret Story of Toys [Video]

Sep 4 2013

Go behind-the-scenes of a toy creation studio to see how toys are born.

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Arch 3.3 detail photo

Mind-Blowing Paper Art by Eric Standley

Feb 20 2013

Check out this beautiful paper cutout art that on average consists of over 100 layers of precisely laser-cut and perfectly aligned pieces of thick, colored cardstock.

Be sure to zoom in on each one to see all the fine details.

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Unreal 'Contact' Juggling [Video]

Oct 25 2012

Largely impressive performance by Akihiro Yanai at the 2012 Japan Juggling Festival. So many creative people on our planet...

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Hoop Isolation Video – Mind-blowing!

Jun 9 2012

No words necessary! Watch this spectacular performance that is sure to blow your mind too.

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Art that has many meanings

Art that Speaks a Thousand Words [36 Pics]

May 18 2012

Pawel Kuczynski is an extremely talented Polish artist that specializes in satirical art. It is fantastic how much meaning each one of these images has without the use of any words.

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Wood Carving Art Brian Dettmer

Interesting Book Carving Art by Brian Dettmer [14 Pics]

May 9 2012

When a book undergoes its “carving” process, not only does it gain a more visual meaning, its content gets re-contextualized and new patters and ideas emerge. Brian Dettmer is the art genius behind this creative art form.

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Art that is Literally Worth a Lot of Money

May 13 2011

These are all money bills – in most cases only $1.00 bills, but extremely large stacks. Scott Campbell (a New York artist) is responsible for creating this art.

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