Mind-Blowing Paper Art by Eric Standley

Arch 5.1 by fine artist Eric Standley

Feb 20 2013

Check out this beautiful paper cutout art that on average consists of over 100 layers of precisely laser-cut and perfectly aligned pieces of thick, colored cardstock.

Be sure to zoom in on each one to see all the fine details.

Photo above: Arch 5.1 (18" x 18" x 3").

Arch 5.1 detail photo

Arch 5.1 detail.

"Just over 100 layers of paper on this arch. I have been working on larger "floats" were parts of the drawing are suspended above deeper spaces."

Ipswich arch by fine artist Eric Standley

3rd arch for Ipswich (18" x 23" x 3").

"This is the 3rd Ipswich arch I produced. The depth of this piece was predetermined, causing a restrictive consciousness on lateral space while drawing."

Arch 3.3 by fine artist Eric Standley

Arch 3.3 (8" x 10" x 3").

"I miss Arch 3.3. We spent quite a bit of time together during the drawing process. There were a lot of “firsts” in this work that brought me through questions, despair, discovery, and elation. This was my first work with multiple floating areas. I also included some vector cuts that are through cut lines surrounded by paper- this is the opposite of how I normally draw and cut. This work lives in Richmond VA now and has a great family."

Arch 3.3 detail photo

Arch 3.3 detail.

"The work occupies 118 layers of paper and is roughly 1.75” deep from surface to center. The center is comprised of drawings on top of drawings with space between the two. Compositional goals are shared between these layers, but are simultaneously unique. It's obsessive even by my standards… which are changing. There are “rooms” below areas that can only be seen by getting in real close and moving your perspective."

Sebago by fine artist Eric Standley

Sebago (18" x 18" x 3").

Sebago detail

Sebago detail.

Arch 3 by fine artist Eric Standley

Arch 3 (18" x 24" x 3").

Arch 3 detail

Arch 3 detail.

Poseidon by fine artist Eric Standley

Poseidon (18" x 18" x 1.5").

"Poseidon encapsulates the idea of water as provider - as father figure. This drawing occupies 68 layers of paper and includes imagery from the Ipswich Bay of Massachusetts and Sebago Lake, Maine. The landscape images are set into the rosette, mimicking stain-glass. The complexity of this work is an early attempt to capture a sense of the infinite."

Poseidon detail

Poseidon detail.

"Poseidon and Poseidon II were the gateway works to my current addiction to the vector-drawing process. There are some iconic figures in these works that required a consciousness of seven layers at one time to create. This is still my limit after 2 years of working this way. Generally I work with a consciousness of three layers at one time."

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