stop motion

Miniature Kiev, Ukraine [Video]

Mar 10 2013

A beautiful tilt-shift timelapse of a spring day in our hometown, Kiev, Ukraine. Video made by Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski. Enjoy!

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Chicago Timelapse

Feb 21 2013

An amazing timelapse video of the beautiful Chicago. Be sure to watch in fullscreen HD and with sound.

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China Timelapse [Video]

Jan 19 2013

Beautiful timelapse video of China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen).

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Unreal Stop-Motion Video by PES

Jul 10 2012

This is so creative that it blows my mind. It was created way back in 2009 and won the #2 Viral Video of the Year Award at the Sundance Film Festival.

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