top gear

F1 vs Speedbike vs Supercar [Video]

Sep 12 2014

Top Gear did a very exciting race between a motorbike, a supercar and a Formula 1 car. Result is both: surprising, and not, at the same time. Definitely a must-watch!

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The Ultimate Drag Race [Video]

Oct 14 2012

Top Gear guys did this test a while back, where they put a Bugatti Veyron against the best supercar of the 90's, the McLaren F1. Very impressive to see what a 15-year-old supercar can still do!

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The Best Zombie Getaway Vehicle. EVER.

Nov 1 2011

I would definitely not mind being stuck in one of these when the "2012" comes around. "The Walking Dead" take note of this awesome vehicle and make sure you feature it in the show! Any other similar vehicles you know of? Comment and let us know!

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