Kuroshio Sea - 2nd Largest Aquarium Tank in the World

Dec 4 2011

Absolutely breathtaking! World's 2nd largest aquarium is located within the Ocean Expo Commemorative National Government Park in Okinawa, Japan.

Make sure you watch this in full screen mode with sound on. Simply breathtaking.

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Aquadom Largest Free Standing Aquarium

Largest Free Standing Aquarium

Jul 24 2011

This amazing fish tank is located in Berlin, Germany inside of a hotel/office building complex. It is 25 meters tall and is built out of acrylic glass. It has a see-through elevator inside of the cylinder and cost about 12.8 million euros.

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World's Smallest Aquarium

Apr 13 2011

This tiny waterworld was created by brilliant Russian craftsmen Anatoly and Stanislav Konenko. Its longer side is about 3 cm and it hosts several miniature zebrafishes.

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