Aquadom Largest Free Standing Aquarium

Largest Free Standing Aquarium

Jul 24 2011

This amazing fish tank is located in Berlin, Germany inside of a hotel/office building complex. It is 25 meters tall and is built out of acrylic glass. It has a see-through elevator inside of the cylinder and cost about 12.8 million euros.

The overall construction of the aquarium was designed and built by International Concept Management, Inc. The acrylic cylinder was constructed by the U.S. company Reynolds Polymer Technology. It is now the main attraction of the Berlin Sea Life Center.

The outside cylinder was manufactured on-site from five pieces; the inside cylinder for the elevator was delivered in one piece.

Aquadom Largest Free Standing Aquarium

The Aquadom is the largest acrylic cylinder in the world, with a diameter of about 11 meters, built on a 9 meters tall concrete foundation.

Filled with 1,000,000 liters of seawater, it contains over 1,500 fish of 50 species. The feeding of the fish and the cleaning of the fish tank is performed daily by 3-4 full-time divers. They need 8kg fish food.

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