optical illusion

Lord of the Rings: Forced Perspective Filming

Jul 19 2013

Lord of the Rings had to get creative when using forced perspective to film hobbits, moving cameras gave it away.

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3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt

Beautiful 3D Street Art by Nikolaj Arndt [20 Pics]

Oct 9 2012

Take a look at how Nikolaj Arndt transforms these otherwise bland streets and floors to something truly magical.

When viewed from the correct perspective, images become three dimentional-looking!

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Optical Illusion Museum in Busan, South Korea

Cool Optical Illusion Gallery in South Korea [20 Pics]

Jul 8 2012

An entire museum gallery dedicated to the people. Each year visitors come here and enjoy being part of the art. The Trick Eye Museum is located in Busan, South Korea. Photos by for91days.com.

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Marines Helicopter Illusion

Marines' Helicopter Camouflage

Sep 3 2011

US military has always been known for painting naked women on the noses of their aircraft (nose art), but this is definitely something new. See if you can see the shape in integrated into the camouflage of this US Marines helicopter.

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France Optical Illusion

An Amazing Optical Illusion in Paris, France

Jul 22 2011

This is a great example of a well executed optical illusion. It is located in central Paris, France in front of the city hall. It resembles a globe, but if you take a closer look it has much more to it. Designed by the artist Francois Abelanet.

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