scary burial site

Mysterious Dargavs - Russia's City of the Dead

Dec 29 2011

This very interesting place is located in North Ossetia, and hidden in one of the five mountain ridges. There are many myths about this place, and one being that no one ever comes back when they visit this location. It is very isolated, so we are thinking this may be the reason why this ancient grave site doesn't get many tourists.

The road to this place is not an easy one, it takes about three hours and consists of narrow windy roads and lots of on foot trekking. The city itself is an Ossetian cemetery and each family had a crypt to bury their loved ones.

creepy crypts

The weather that shrouds these mountain ridges also gives the whole place a very ungodly feel.

scary burial site

The oldest of these crypts date back to the 16th century. This isn't a very popular archeological site, but previous findings puzzled everyone for some time now.

mysterious graves

For instance, the bodies inside of crypts are buried inside of wooden structures which resemble boats - so the mystery remains, why bother creating boats with no rivers in sight?

bones in the mountains

Another interesting fact, is that there is a small well in front of each of the crypts. Ossetians would do this by dropping a coin into it, and if it hit a rock that meant that the soul has reached heaven.

russias city of the dead

This place will remain a very secluded, and eerie place. Definitely an interesting location on our planet many won't see.

uncharted city of the dead

terrifying crypts

eerie feeling

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