Daily Wallpaper Botanical Garden, Moscow, Russia

Mar 8 2019

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Hermitage Pavilion, Saint Petersburg

Best of Drone Photography: Amos Chapple [15 Pics]

Jan 4 2016

Amos Chapple is a photographer from New Zeland. As he travels the world, Amos frequently uses his drone to capture breathtaking imagery from new angles...

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Oymyakon, Russia the coldest village on earth

Oymyakon: The Coldest Village on Earth [20 Pics]

Feb 8 2014

Oymyakon, Russia has been dubbed the coldest village on earth.

Known as the "Pole of Cold", this northern Russian village averages -51°C in January, with an all-time record low temperature of -71°C in February of 2013.

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Elena Shumilova

Stunning Children's Portraits [15 Pics]

Jan 29 2014

Russian photographer Elena Shumilova has captured stunning photographs of her two sons since 2012, when she received her first professional camera.

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Alexey Kljatov snowflake photography macro

Macro Photography of Snowflakes [13 Pics]

Dec 17 2013

Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov captured these photos on his balcony in Moscow. You can see the full process of how Alexey captures these gems here.

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Tolbachik Volcano in Russia

Active Volcano in Kamchatka, Russia [11 Pics]

Apr 27 2013

Tolbachik is a volcanic complex on the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far east of Russia. Take a look at these stunning photos of the eruption in progress! This reminds us of the Middle Earth from Lord of the Rings...

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Wrecked sinkhole roads of Samara, Russia

Roads of Samara, Russia [15 Pics]

Apr 12 2013

Suddenly the roads of Edmonton, Alberta don't look so bad this year. See what Samara, Russia is dealing with during this spaz-fueled winter.

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Vladimir Manyuhin Apocalypse art

Life After the Apocalypse by Vladimir Manyuhin [17 Pics]

Mar 13 2013

Another great project that gives us a glimpse of what our planet could look like after an apocalypse.

Vladimir Manyuhin throws in a nice twist to his art by showing how various locations would look like during different seasons and different times of day. Enjoy!

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Moscow photos

Beauty of Russia [24 Pics]

Feb 9 2013

Amazing compilation of photos from around Moscow and St. Petersburg by a Ukrainian photographer Vitaliy Raskalov. Enjoy!

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Incredible Military Photos Pt.5 [18 Pics]

Dec 4 2012

An amazing roundup of the best military photos we came across since our last military photo compilation.

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Old Moscow Photos in HQ, Part 1 [18 Pics]

Nov 29 2012

Feast your eyes on some rare high resolution photos from Russian archives of the old (mostly) pre-revolution Moscow. Amazing to see how far things have come.

High Resolution Photos (41MB .zip)

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Moscow Drift [Video]

Nov 7 2012

Check out this awesome drift video made by a couple of people in Russia. Drifting on public roads is a very gutsy move. Basically don't do this if you aren't a pro like these guys.

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Ka 52

The Highly Underrated Eastern Aviation in Photos [21 Pics]

Sep 24 2012

Decided to switch it up from the standard military stuff we see from day to day (Raptors, Hornets, etc) and show you how the East likes their aviation. We like it too.

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First Day of School in Qatar

First Day of School from Across the Globe [20 Pics]

Aug 24 2012

The first day at school looks so much different in different parts of the world. Thanks to Julian Germain who captured these photos, we can see the diversity in photos. Enjoy!

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The World in 2 Minutes - The Best Compilations [4 Videos]

Aug 1 2012

Each of the four videos shows the best and funniest compilations from USA, Russia, Chile and India. So worth the 8 minutes of your life!!

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