Vladimir Manyuhin Apocalypse art

Life After the Apocalypse by Vladimir Manyuhin [17 Pics]

Mar 13 2013

Another great project that gives us a glimpse of what our planet could look like after an apocalypse.

Vladimir Manyuhin throws in a nice twist to his art by showing how various locations would look like during different seasons and different times of day. Enjoy!

Red Square post apocalypse

USA overgrown post apocalypse

Old Church Post apocalypse

Stormy Red Square

Overgrown Train station, hunter inside

Wrecked vehicles post apocalypse

Post apocalypse winter in red square

Crashed helicopter in the swamp post apocalypse

Red square post apocalypse

Night time swamp post apocalypse

Post apocalypse airport terminal

Summer Post apocalypse red square

Post apocalypse country side

City centre post apocalypse

Shopping Centre post apocalypse

Empty streets at sunset post apocalypse

Subway Underground Russia Post Apocalypse

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Categories: Abandoned, Art

Tags: creative, fallout, nuclear, russia


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