Soviet Spy Equipment

Cold War: Soviet Era KGB Spy Equipment

Jan 9 2012

Take a look at the equipment that the Soviet KGB spies had access to during the cold war. Just when you thought you would only see stuff like this in the old Bond movies. 15 photos inside.

All of these items have been actually used in the field by KGB (secret service) agents and are now on display at the KGB museum in Russia.

hidden wrist gun spy

A wrist–gun that is attached to a glove, can be hidden under a sleeve.

pen camera

A camera hidden inside of a pen.

soviet kgb camera

A camera hidden inside of a coat jacket, controlled by a hand held mechanism.

listening device

A special listening device.

lipstick gun

A 4.5mm gun hidden inside of a lipstick.

gun hidden inside of a lipstick

A 4.5mm gun hidden inside of a lipstick.

pipe gun

A gun hidden inside of a tobacco pipe.

cyanide gun

This gun fires a dual cyanide charge that can kill almost instantly.

earrigs with recessions

Cufflinks with recessions to hide things.

a coin with a hidden recession

An ancient coin that has a recess in it to hide things.

button compass

A jacket button that can be turned into a compass.

a case to carry an aks

A case to safely transport an AK–74.

hidden shoe transmitter kgb

A transmitting device inside of a heel, used for tracking.

spy watch with camera

A wristwatch with a hidden camera inside.

convertable boots

Pilot/parachuting boots that turn into civilian shoes.

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