Soviet Censorship of Images Conspiracy Uncovered

Soviet Censorship of Images During Stalin's Regime [5 Pics]

Jun 22 2012

It's awesome being able to see how leaders in the past have used propaganda and censorship – this makes you really wonder what happens in the government today. This is a 5 image comparison of some popular censored images that were altered during Stalin's rule of the USSR.

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Blast Door of a Minuteman Silo

Mar 10 2012

Located in interior South Dakota, this was one of many Minuteman Nuclear Rocket Silos strategically placed all over the continental states. A very cool inscription reads on the base blast door.

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Daily Wallpaper Smugglers Cove

Feb 7 2012

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Soviet Spy Equipment

Cold War: Soviet Era KGB Spy Equipment

Jan 9 2012

Take a look at the equipment that the Soviet KGB spies had access to during the cold war. Just when you thought you would only see stuff like this in the old Bond movies. 15 photos inside.

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Abandoned Nuclear Bombers

Abandoned Soviet Heavy Bomber Regiment

Jun 17 2011

Russia has many military installations, however before the break apart of the Soviet Union they had even a larger number in case of a nuclear war with the USA. This abandoned airfield should give you an idea of how much military equipment there was.

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Why is NASA Blurring Out Certain Parts of the Moon?

Jun 10 2011

A pretty interesting watch about the imagery of the moon taken by NASA.

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America's Secret Stealth Helicopter Crash

May 24 2011

During a recent raid on Bin Laden's "fortress" was a huge success for Americans, however a super secret stealth helicopter was shot down and not recovered. Photos inside.

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BMW Secret Garage

A Secret Well Kept – BMW Garage

May 18 2011

Over the years BMW has been known for making some radically designed vehicles – many of which never leave the headquarters in Bavaria. BMW has unveiled the secrecy of the underground garage – take a look a this large collection of photos to see the cars that BMW keeps down there.

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