Then & Now: Combining War Photos with Photos of Today

Mar 9 2012

Many structures and buildings have been rebuilt after World War 2, but the history will always remain in photos. Take a look at this amazing collection of "now & then" photo combinations created by Sergey Larenkov.

Berlin (1945). A destroyed German Tiger tank in the park Tiergarten.

Vienna (1945). Soviet soldiers walking near the Imperial Palace Hoffburg.

Moscow (1941). Trolleybuses running their normal routes.

Vienna (1945). Senior Lieutenant Vladimir making a sketch of the fountain with a statue of Athena in front of the Parliament Building.

Leningrad / St. Petersburg (1942). Borovaya 26. This building has been converted into mini-hotels.

Berlin (1945). A Soviet Soldier looking at the German Reichstag.

Moscow (1941). Mayakovsky Square, also known as the Triumphal Square.

Berlin (1945). Soviet Soldiers storming the Reichstag.

Berlin (1945). Soviet Commanders standing on the steps of the defeated headquarters of German High Command, the Reichstag.

Berlin (1945). Soviet soldiers carrying the Soviet Flag, that was placed on top of the Reichstag before sending it off to Moscow.

Prague (1944). Powder Tower. People meet the Soviet liberating T-34 tanks and soldiers riding them.

Berlin (1945). Soviet artillery on the corner preparing to fire.

Vienna (1945 ~). Soviet infantry units moving to the city center.

Berlin (1945 +). An area near the Brandenburg Gate, a Soviet traffic controller guiding vehicles.

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