Can You Guess These Cartoon Characters?

Apr 6 2012

Our brains are some kind of amazing, I tell you! Just by seeing a simple colour combination, it can sort out what it resembles in real life. This was a print campaign done by a German ad agency Jung von Matt.

Take these super simple LEGO creations, for example – one look at most of them, and you will be able to tell what they represent. Good job brain!

the simpsons lego

The Simpsons

the smurfs

The Smurfs

asterix obelix lego

Asterix And Obelix

ninja turtles lego

Ninja Turtles

south park lego


donald duck lego

Donald Duck

ernie and bert lego

Ernie And Bert

daltons lucky luke lego

Lucky Luke And The Daltons

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