Star wars recreations made from Lego

Mind Blowing Star Wars Recreations made entirely of LEGO [27 Pics]

Aug 12 2012

A while back we did a post on a huge recreation from a scene in “Return of the Jedi” made entirely out of LEGO. Now we present to your this massive display of LEGO scenes from all the various Star Wars movies. Enjoy!

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Can You Guess These Cartoon Characters?

Apr 6 2012

Our brains are some kind of amazing, I tell you! Just by seeing a simple colour combination, it can sort out what it resembles in real life. This was a print campaign done by a German ad agency Jung von Matt.

Take these super simple LEGO creations, for example – one look at most of them, and you will be able to tell what they represent. Good job brain!

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Star Wars Lego Jay Hoff

Insane LEGO Star Wars Model: Recreation of the Scene From "Return of the Jedi"

Dec 21 2011

Recently I posted a really cool article about abandoned houses made entirely out of Lego, well I thought this would be a good way to continue the LEGO trend. Amazing model!

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Abandoned Houses - Made Completely Out of LEGO

Nov 22 2011

Yep, LEGO pieces.. All the LEGO pieces are 100% original, and can be bought from a LEGO store. Mike Doyle is the mastermind behind all of these amazing creations. Take a look at the pictures and make sure to share your thoughts!

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Lego Robot Using Android Phone Beats Human Record at Rubik’s Cube puzzle

Nov 5 2011

Meet the Cube Stormer II. Pretty impressive. Robots are going to take over the world a lot sooner than I envisioned.

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