Star Wars Lego Jay Hoff

Insane LEGO Star Wars Model: Recreation of the Scene From "Return of the Jedi"

Dec 21 2011

Recently I posted a really cool article about abandoned houses made entirely out of Lego, well I thought this would be a good way to continue the LEGO trend. Amazing model!

Jay Hoff is the mastermind behind this model. The entire model was built in 2011 and is made up of 30,000+ pieces and 388 Star Wars LEGO mini-figures.

built entirely out of lego

star wars lego amazing

insane lego model

impreial shuttle lego

lots of storm troopers lego

return of jedi lego

stunning lego models

arrival of emperor lego

jay hoff model lego

death star hangar lego

storm troopers

death star lego

impressive lego creation

lego is so fun

cool lego build

scene from star wars lego

emperor lego

darth vader lego

jay hoff the creator

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