cliff jumping group

The Best Animated GIF Images Pt.2 [22 Pics]

Apr 17 2012

The continuation to our first post about the coolest animated GIF images. There are lots of sports themed ones in this one. Enjoy our findings and share!

Amazing Acrobat Skills

acrobat without using legs

Assassin Cat

cool cat jump

(also see this)

Lighting Strikes Burj Khalifa

huge lighting bolt uae

Cliff Jumping

cliff jumping group

Sweet Pool Table

pool table like video game

Yep, That Dog Took Down a Shooter

dog takes down criminal

Warehouse Drift

warehouse drifting forklift

Crazy Frisbee Throw

amazing frisbee throw

Meanwhile in Canada

fishing attacked by goose

Best Kids Halloween Costume

best halloween costume


karate chop slow mo

What a close call

lucky cyclist

Rare Ferrari

Slow Motion Nuclear Explosion

Black Magic: Folding T-Shirts

Amazing Skateboarding

Fail or Win?

Snowmobile Superman Seat-Grab



(see this too)

Truck Jack-knifes

Up, Up and Away LOL

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