Moss bathroom rug

Green Design [10 Pics]

Jan 26 2013

Very clever designs with a perfect blend of nature and creativity.

Moss bathroom rug

"Moss carpet" - This bathroom rug is made of recycled latex foam mainly coming from vegetal sources. Each cell welcomes a piece of moss (forest moss). The humidity of the bathroom and the drops flowing from the body, water the mosses. This vegetation carpet procures a great feeling to your feet. Source.

Fern and Moss Wall Art

Sculpted by nature and arranged by artisans, these real plants create a uniquely verdant showpiece. The ferns and thick blankets of moss rise up in three dimensions from their surrounding frame as if in a tropical jungle setting. Audaciously original and certain to be a focal point, this eco-preserved art requires no watering. Buy here.

Table With Removable Planter

Table With Removable Planter (and a cat)

Designer Emily Wettstein uses reclaimed walnut and steel to craft each table, while incorporating a removable planter into the center that can be filled with your choice of greenery.

Green eco umbrella stand

Green eco umbrella stand

A simple idea to capture the dripping water from umbrellas to grow grass, creating a stimulating product to brighten up otherwise uninspiring hallways. Source.

One pot, two lives

One pot, two lives. The soil remains humid, extending the watering period by about one week. The product’s middle layer is the filter layer, which accumulates fertilizer as the nutrient for outdoor pot plant.

Grass car

Easibug (Smart Car) by Easigrass™.

Growing chair by Michel Bussien

Growing chair by Michel Bussien.

Unique green/growing business card by Jamie Wieck

Unique green/growing business card by Jamie Wieck

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