A Clever Use of 3D Printing: Modular Magnetic Construction Playset

May 29 2015

The quick and easy way to design your next dream kitchen, and dining, and living room...

Modular Magnetic is a series of construction sets with standardized, interchangeable pieces which allow for the construction of a variety of different home layouts. With MMK, you no longer need to imagine how your next dream space will look like, you simply need to start creating it!

8 Smithe Mews set

From simple setups to more complex corner units, MMK comes in many different styles, colors, and configurations, so you can tailor it specifically to your needs... Experiment with the modern, clean lines of Canada’s West Coast flagship interior design with this release of 8 Smithe Mews construction set.

At the heart of each Modular Magnetic set are magnets. Magnets not only serve as the “glue” which holds your creations together, but they also guide you along the way, allowing you to place objects only where they would normally belong in the real kitchen.

Simple & detailed versions

Depending on your requirements, MMK can be as simple or as detailed as you like, and although this set is designed to faithfully reproduce as much of the detail of the real kitchen as possible, in some cases this amount of detail might not be a fitting feature for your project.

Using Tinkercad - the free online CAD/3D design app which was used to create this set - you can easily edit/remove as much or as little of this detail as you want - reducing the amount of time it’ll take you to 3D print and build this project.

Download and 3D print your own copy. Enjoy!

The creator of Modular Magnetic Kitchen MMK, Yuriy Sklyar.

Birthplace of MMK, Pier 9, San Francisco.

Modular Magnetic contemporary dining set... You guessed it - each plate is also magnetic (including the turkey)! :)

Modular Magnetic Living set, featuring a custom Canadian-designed (and made) EQ3 Pekoe sectional sofa.

Now's a great time to get into 3D printing!

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