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Daily Wallpaper Scratchbuilt 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt

Sep 13 2019

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Colosseum Built Using Corks

A Miniature Colosseum Made from 10,000 Corks

Dec 30 2011

Made by an Italian artist Ciro Califano, this entire Colosseum is made up of wine corks. At first when I saw this I thought "WHOA, this guy likes wine!", but actually after the opening of a family restaurant - wine corks were plentiful. So Ciro Decided to take advantage of his artistic side and re-use the corks!

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Star Wars Lego Jay Hoff

Insane LEGO Star Wars Model: Recreation of the Scene From "Return of the Jedi"

Dec 21 2011

Recently I posted a really cool article about abandoned houses made entirely out of Lego, well I thought this would be a good way to continue the LEGO trend. Amazing model!

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WW2 Diorama

Life-Like Historically Correct WWII Diorama

Oct 24 2011

This diorama depicts the 1943 withdrawal of German forces throughout the Eastern front when the Soviets launched their massive and unstoppable offensive attack. This particular diorama was built by Yevgen Sklyar from Precise Modeling - a company that specializes in the creation of ultra realistic scale models for highly acclaimed collectors and museums worldwide.

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Miniature Weapons

Awesome Miniature Weapons

Sep 4 2011

You would probably never guess, but all of these tiny weapons are made out of paper clips. Brett made all of these weapons, and his friend Dan4th Nicholas shot them. Check this awesome collection out.

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MI24 Scratch Built Model

A Scratch Built Model Like No Other - Mil 24

Jun 16 2011

Fully scratch built, this model took just over 15 years (8000-10,000 hours) to complete. Begun in Kiev (Ukraine), in 1986 this masterpiece was profoundly difficult to construct due to the extreme scarcity of information on it. Be sure to click on photos for higher resolution versions.

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