Underwater fishing

Underwater Hunters [10 Pics]

Apr 23 2012

Without the use of any type of scuba equipment, divers descend to great depths armed with underwater guns, harpoons and strong line to stalk and hunt prey.

Some of the best free-divers in the world can hold their breath for up to 5 minutes under water and go to depths greater than 100 feet. All photography © Eyeconic Images.

Preparing to Dive

Spear fishing is the most sustainable form of fishing in the Ocean. Unlike commercial fishing, the hunters are able to identify older fish (which are past the point of reproduction), target certain species (avoiding by-catch of other species) and fish die almost instantly.

Diving fishing

Deep Hunting

Underwater fishing

Cool Hunting

Barracuda caught with spear

Deep sea fishing

Huge Fish caught

Under water hunters


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