Famous Photographers and their work

Famous Photos and their Photographers [11 Pics]

Jun 6 2012

It's almost certain that you have seen one of these photos somewhere before, but have you seen the photographer behind the camera when the photo was taken? Photography by Tim Mantoani.

Mark Seliger Kurt Cobain

Mark Seliger and his photo of Kurt Cobain. Two months after this photo was taken it became the memorial RS Cover.

Jeff Wudeber Tanks Tiananmen Square

Jeff Widener and his photo of Tank Man. (Tienanmen Square, China – 1989)

Neil Laifer Muhammad Ali-Sonny

Neil Leifer and his photo of Muhammad Ali vs. Liston. (Lewiston, Maine – May 25, 1965)

Lyle Owerko World Trade Center Attack

Lyle Owerko holding the photo of the events that unfolded on 9/11.

Brent Stirton Gorilla Dead

Brent Stirton holding the photo of a dead 600 pound Silverback Gorilla being carried by a group of locals. This was an effort to intimidate the rangers that are trying to protect the ecosystem. (Congo)

Harry Benson The Beatles

Harry Benson holding the photo of the Beatles when they have just heard that they are number one on the charts in America. (1964)

Mary Ellen Mark Elephant Trainer

Mary Ellen Mark and her photo of the circus ringmaster Ram Prakash Singh with his elephant Shyama. (Ahmedabad, India – 1990)

Douglas Kirkland Marilyn

Douglas Kirkland holds the photo he took when he spent an evening with Marilyn Monroe.

Bill Epperidge RFK Assasination

Bill Eppridge stands with his photo of Robert F. Kennedy after his assassination. (June 5, 1968)

Elliott Erwitt Satirical Dog Legs

Elliot Erwitt holding his iconic photo of dogs. (New York Central Park – 1974)

Steve McCurry Pakistan Girl Eyes

Steve McCurry with his photo of a young woman from Peshawar, Pakistan. (1984)

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