The Ownership of a Pet Lynx [7 Pics]

Pet Lynx beside one of the family members in Kaluga, Russia

Jul 19 2012

Pavel and Svetlana from Kaluga, Russia recently adopted a small Eurasian Lynx, Zen, who became an instant member of the family. The owners say it behaves like an ordinary cat and even sleeps with them in the same bed.

The owners have always wanted a pet Lynx, and when an orphan came up for adoption at the local zoo they made the adoption go through.

Pet Lynx next to a bobcat

The owners had 4 Kurilian Bobtails (a rarer version of the house cat) before they aquired the Zen. The cats took the Lynx as one of their own and took care of it while it was small. The Lynx still treats the bobtails like they are family (even-though he is double the size).

Girl and her lynx are best friends

The Lynx has been very simply an ordinary cat, but has the ability to obey orders like a dog.

Pet Lynx in Kaluga

Sophia, 11, the daughter of Pavel and Svetlana is inseparable from the Lynx. They are best friends and take care of each other.

Pet Lynx in Kaluga

Pet Lynx in Kaluga

Pet Lynx in Kaluga

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