Wildlife Photos that Will Blow You Away [16 Pics]

A duckling enjoying some water

Sep 14 2012

Earth is as unique as its inhabitants. No words necessary, enjoy these beautiful photos.

Some of these photos are high enough resolution to be used as wallpapers - be sure to click on the photos for bigger versions.

Elephants during a storm

A frog camouflages itself on a leaf

Happy seal

A Hawk Flying low

Horses in a big open plain

A mother with its birds under the wings

An owl during a landing

Polar bears resting

Polar Bear Underwater

A peaceful fox

A seal underwater

Really cool green snake

A tiger running in the snow captured

A wolf looking back

A Fox looks at the Photographer

A Husky enjoying some rest

Please let us know the sources for any of these photos!

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Tags: photography, rare animals

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