Beautiful Photos from National Geographic

21 Stuning Photos from National Geographic Magazine

May 15 2012

Take a look at these stunning photos taken by many various photographers. Our planet is a truly special place, from any aspect that you look at it.

Anemonefish Indonesia Paul Sutherland

Anemonefish (Indonesia). Photo by Paul Sutherland.

Burj Al Arab Dubai Lightning Maxim Shatrov

Burj Al Arab during a lightning storm (Dubai). Photo by Maxim Shatrov.

Blue Peacock Australia Anne Keiser

Blue Peacock (Australia). Photo by Anne Keiser.

Blue Whaleshark Brian Skerry

Blue Whale shark. Photo by Brian Skerry.

Frog Mouth Crocodile South Africa Jonathan Blair

A crocodile attempting to eat a frog (South Africa). Photo by Jonathan Blair.

Bear Stretching Finland Meta Penca

A bear stretching (Finland). Photo by Meta Penca.

Fishermen Indonesia David Doubilet

Fishermen and the water-world below them (Indonesia). Photo by David Doubilet.

Blue Lagoon Ecuador Bobby Haas

Blue Lagoon Galapagos (Ecuador Islands). Photo by Bobby Haas.

Five Flower Lake China Michael Yamashita

Five Flower Lake (China). Photo by Michael Yamashita.

Golden Damselfish in Fiji Tim Laman

Golden Damselfish (Fiji). Photo by Tim Laman.

Grasshopper on a flower Georgia Bulent Erel

Grasshopper relaxing on a Flower Peddle (Georgia). Photo by Bulent Erel.

Northwest Territories Canada Paul Nicklen

Green Aurora over Northwest Territories (Canada). Photo by Paul Nicklen.

Lavender Fields Tasmania Gerd Ludwig

Lavender Fields – one of the largest sources of lavender in the world (Tasmania). Photo by Gerd Ludwig.

Orange Coral Sangeang Island Indonesia Tin Laman

Orange Coral – Sandgeang Island (Indonesia). Photo by Tin Laman.

Polar Bear Jump

Polar Bear Jump in Svalbard (Canada). Photo by Lee Hopkins.

Prow of the RMS Titanic Emory Kristof

Prow of RMS Titanic (off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada). Photo by Emory Kristof.

Scrapyard BC Canada Pete Ryan

Scrapyard in British Columbia (Canada). Photo by Pete Ryan.

Tea Farmer Japan George Mobley

A tea farmer picking leaves (Japan). Photo by George Mobley.

Polar bears wrestling Manitoba Canada Paul Nicklen

Polar bears wrestling match at twilight in Manitoba (Canada). Photo by Paul Nicklen.

Waterton Lakes Alberta Canada Michael Melford

Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta (Canada). Photo by Michael Melford.

Yellow Shafter Flicker Michael Quinton

Yellow Shafted Flicker taking off from its nest (USA). Photo by Michael Quinton.

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