Nature's Spies: Highly Camouflaged Creatures [16 Pics]

Sep 28 2012

Stunning to see how nature has adapted itself over millions of years. Take a look at these mind-blowing photos of creatures being simply amazing at disguising themselves.

Cover: A Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko hides from predators in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar. All photos © Daily Mail Online.

This Leaf Katydid looks like a part of the forest floor in San Cipriano Reserve, Colombia.

Extremely camouflaged fish on surface of ocean

A Speckled Sanddab blending in perfectly with the pebbled ocean floor.

Camouflaged purple frog

A Bat-faced Toad hides among dead leaves in Amacayacu National Park, Colombia.

Camouflaged Moth

This Peppered Moth has found the perfect hiding place on a rock.

Sandhopper camouflage

This Sandhopper protects itself by covering red sand all over its body in the desert.

Lichen Spider in National Park Thailand

It's nearly impossible to pick out this Lichen Spider at the Erawan National Park in Thailand.

Orchid Mantis Camouflage

An Orchid Mantis sits inside of a flower.

Glass Frogs hiding on leaves

A pair of Glass Frogs shelter in foliage at Manu National Park, Peru.

Snow leopard hiding

A snow leopard looks for prey in the Himalayas.

Vietnamese Mossy Frog hiding in moss

A Vietnamese Mossy Frog is perfectly adapted to its surroundings.

Righteye Flounder camouflages himself on the ocean floor

A Righteye Flounder camouflages himself on the ocean floor.

Mossy Leaf-tailed gecko hiding on a tree

This Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko is a master of disguise in Montagne dAmbre National Park, Madagascar. Hardest one to spot! Just look for the head shape of a Gecko.

Leaf Frog camouflaged

A Leaf Frog camouflaged on a leaf.

Katydid camouflaged in moss

A Katydid blends into foliage in Costa Rica.

Great Potoo hiding

The Great Potoo hides in a tree in Brazil as it searches for food.

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