3D Photos Pt.1

Angel cross eye 3D

Jan 14 2013

Our first roundup of the best 3D photos from around the web. These photos do not require 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect and anyone can train themselves using a simple technique described in this post. Enjoy!

To view photos in 3D:

  1. Simply cross your eyes until you see three pictures
  2. Focus on the one in the middle until the photo gains depth
  3. For best effect, click on each one of the images for a larger version
  4. Move further away from the screen if you are having troubles seeing these in 3D

Above photo: Angel by hmluker

NASA rover cross eye 3D

Brooks cross eye 3D

Brooks by Erich Fluck

Pergamon Museum Berlin cross eye 3d

Pergamon Museum Berlin II 3D by Stereotron

Bode Museum at the Museum Island of Berlin cross eye 3D

Bode Museum at the Museum Island of Berlin 3D by Stereotron

Berlin Hauptbahnhof 3D photo

Berlin Hauptbahnhof V by Stereotron

Village School 3D photo

Village School 3D by Stereotron

Mahakala Mask in 3D

Mahakala Mask 3D by Stereotron

Brocken Railway 3D photo

Brocken Railway 3D by Stereotron

Elbe Sandstone Mountains in 3D

Elbe Sandstone Mountains by Stereotron

Dresden Frauenkirche 3D photo

Dresden Frauenkirche 3D by Stereotron

Schloß Eckberg in Dresden (3D photo)

Schloß Eckberg in Dresden by Stereotron

Monaco Franze in 3D

Monaco Franze by Stereotron

Star Trek 3D photo

Star Trek by Stereotron

Airtight Frame III Green World 3D photo

Airtight Frame III Green World by Stereotron

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