Surreal Satellite Imagery of Planet Earth [22 Pics]

Irrawaddy River Delta, Burma

Feb 1 2013

Our planet is a thing of beauty, and looking from space is no exception. Take a look at this collection of satellite imagery that we compiled from NASA archives.

Cover Photo: The Delta of Irrawaddy River in Burma.

Uvs Lake Mongolia

Uvs Lake, Mongolia.

Kansas USA

Fields of Kansas, USA. This almost looks like abstract art.


Bahama Islands.

Black Sea

Black Sea.

Gulf of Alaska

Gulf of Alaska, USA.

Sudan Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera, Sudan.

Dubai, UAE

Man made beauty of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Byrd Glacier, Antarctica

Byrd Glacier in Antarctica.

Dust Storms in United Arab Emirates

A dust storming moving from the United Arab Emirates.

Golden Gate Bridge Satellite

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA. Photo: GeoEye/NASA.



Oregon Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon, Oregon USA.


Exit of an underground river in Iran.

Murzuq Libiya Desert

Dunes of Murzuq Desert in Libya.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia.



Rio Negro (Amazon), Brazil

Rio Negro (Amazon), Brazil.

Uluru Australia

Uluru, Australia.

Alaska North Slope

Alaska North Slope.

Sirmilik National Park, Canada

Sirmilik National Park in Nunavut, Canada.

New Zealand South Island

South Island of New Zealand.

Virginia USA

Water Basins in Virginia, USA.

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