The Overview Effect

Feb 23 2013

An incredible documentary on how an astronaut's perception of Earth changes once they come back to our home planet.

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Tags: astronaut, documentary, international space station, planet, space program, vimeo

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Astonishing 500km Asteroid Impact Simulation [Video]

Oct 18 2012

  • Destination: Pacific Ocean
  • The impact peels off 10km of Earth's crust
  • The shock-wave travels at hypersonic speeds (6,150-12,300km/h)
  • Debris are blasted off into space, only to return and destroy the surface of the Earth
  • Fires would engulf the entire surface of the planet, vaporizing all the life in their way
  • Within 1 day, the surface of the Earth is inhabitable
  • The evidence shows that this has happened at least 6 times in Earth's history

Make sure to watch this video in full HD.

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