Unique Illustrations of Endangered Animals [33 Pics]


Mar 7 2014

Brendan Wenzel, an illustrator from Brooklyn, NY, is an avid conservationist who has dedicated much of his talent to helping save endangered species and places.


Akohekohe — Hawaii. Endangered (EN) 1967. Critically Endangered (CR) 2009.

asian elephant

Asian Elephant — South-Central and Southeastern Asia. Endangered (EN) 1976.

black and white ruffed lemur

Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur — Madagascar. Endangered (EN) 1970. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

black bearded saki

Black Bearded Saki — Brazil. Endangered (EN) 2008.

blue-billed curassow

Blue-billed Curassow — Colombia. Critically Endangered (CR) 2012.

california condor

California Condor — California. Endangered (EN) 1967. Critically Endangered (CR) 2010.

tibetan antelope

Tibetan Antelope — China, India, Nepal. Endangered (EN) 2008.

cotton-top marmoset

Cotton-top Marmoset — Costa Rica to Colombia. Endangered (EN) 1976. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

crested black macaque

Crested Black Macaque — Indonesia. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.


Dhole — Asia, Middle East. Endangered (EN) 2008.

fishing cat

Fishing Cat — Asia, Middle East. Endangered (EN) 2010.

flowerback box turtle

Flowerback Box Turtle — China, Laos, Vietnam. Critically Endangered (CR) 2000.


Gharial — Indonesia, Malaysia. Endangered (EN) 2000.

golden headed langur

Golden-headed Langur — China, Vietnam. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

snub nosed monkey

Sichuan Snub-nosed Monkey — China. Endangered (EN) 2008.

hawaiian monk seal

Hawaiian Monk Seal — Hawaii. Endangered (EN) 1976. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

iberian lynx

Iberian Lynx — Portugal, Spain. Endangered (EN) 1970. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.


Indri — Madagascar. Endangered (EN) 1970.


Kokako — New Zealand. Endangered (EN) 1970.

leatherback sea turtle

Leatherback Sea Turtle — Tropical, temperate, and subpolar seas. Endangered (EN) 1970. Critically Endangered (CR) 2000.

marvelous spatuletail

Marvellous Spatuletail — Peru. Endangered (EN) 2008.

Mongolian wild horse

Mongolian Wild Horse — Peru. Endangered (EN) 1976. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

bluefin tuna

Southern Bluefin Tuna — Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Oceans, South America. Critically Endangered (CR) 1996.


Sumatran Orangutan — Sumatra. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

pileated gibbon

Pileated Gibbon — Southeast Asia. Endangered (EN) 1970.

pink fairy armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo — Argentina. Endangered (EN) 1970.

pygmy three-toed sloth

Pygmy Three-toed Sloth — Panama. Critically Endangered (CR) 2011.


Saola — Laos, Vietnam. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

sumatran rhinoceros

Takahe — New Zealand. Endangered (EN) 2008.


Sumatran Rhinoceros — Bangladesh to Vietnam to Indonesia (Borneo). Endangered (EN) 1970. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

ward's trogan (vu)

Tenkile — Papua New Guinea. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

white-shouldered ibis

White-shouldered Ibis — Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.


Akiapola'au — Hawaii. Endangered (EN) 1967. Critically Endangered (CR) 2008.

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