The Best of U-Haul Illustrations (SuperGraphics) [30 Pics]

Geographic center of North America, North Dacota

Sep 7 2014

Collection of our favorite U-Haul vehicle graphics, or as they call them SuperGraphics.

Click on each one of the illustrations for higher resolution version. Also, for those that aren't aware, this is where these graphics go:

SuperGraphics on a U-Haul truck

Canyons of Utah

Living reef,Texas

Venus fly trap, North Carolina

Longest cave, Kentucky

Lewis-Clark Ohio river expedition, Pennsylvania

Meteor, Iowa

Rain forests of Washington

Ghost Orchids, Florida

Arkansas, free diamonds volcano

Hubble telescope, Maryland

Tully monster, Illinois


Giant squid, Newfoundland

Mastodon, New York

Zankim Bunker Hill bridge

World record wind velocity, New Hampshire, Mt. Washington

Dinosaur footprints, Connecticut

Louisiana Outback

Providence Canyon, Georgia

South Carolina submarine

Worlds highest tide, New Brunswick

Project Habbakuk, Alberta

Northwest Territories extreme trucking

Phantom ship, Nova Scotia

Singing Sands of Prince Edward island

Bioluminescence, Indiana

Kensington Runestone, Alexandria, Minnesota

Deepwater discoveries, Crater Lake, Oregon

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