Wolrd Discoverer Google Maps

A Shipwreck Seen from Space

Aug 31 2011

This half-sunken sea-liner is named the World Discoverer. It met its fate on April 30th, 2000, when it hit an uncharted reef in the Solomon Islands. Now it has become a popular tourist attraction and is visible from space on Google Maps.

Before the wreck, this expedition cruise-liner was used by several companies. Each season, just over 700 tourists traveled to Antarctica on the World Discoverer.

World discoverer

This what the World Discoverer looks like from space on Google Maps (Coordinates: 9°01′23.17″S 160°07′22.91″E). As you can, it's a very big ship. Beside it, you can see the marina club.

Google maps shipwreck

Thankfully, when the Discoverer hit the reef, all of its passengers escaped unharmed.

Tipped ship

Over the years, several salvage companies attempted to revive the ship and bring it back to its former glory, but they all found that it had already been robbed by the locals during the civil war.

Crashed into a reef

The ship will most likely stay here for the rest of its life.

World discoverer wreck

This sea-liner still has oil in its tanks, which means when they rust through it will release very harmful toxins into this beautiful reef.

Solomon Islands wreck

Cruise liner wreck

Shipwreck Solomon

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