Daily Wallpaper On the Edge of the Moon

Dec 17 2011

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Sci-fi Fantasy Art

Great Sci-Fi Art by Finnian MacManus (17)

Dec 10 2011

Check out these awesome renders by a 17-year-old kid by the name of Finnian MacManus, from US. Really awesome work. If he keeps it up he will get hired by a huge agency in no time, heck, he won't even need to go to post secondary!

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NASA Alien Planet

NASA Finds the First Habitable Planet

Dec 9 2011

Kepler-22b is the name of the new planet that NASA believes can potentially be habitable for human race. NASA has found the new planet outside of our solar system that's very similar to Earth in several key aspects. Scientists say the temperature on the surface of the planet is about 20 degrees Celsius and their sun is extremely similar to ours. NASA also believes that the planet likely has water and land.

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Space shuttle in space

Discovery Shuttle as Seen From The International Space Station

Nov 18 2011

Unreal photo taken by the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli. The shadow you see over the USS Discovery shuttle is being cast by the International Space Station (ISS).

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The View from the Above

Oct 25 2011

An amazing shot of our planet. Needs no description really!

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The Most Amazing Time Lapse of Planet Earth

Sep 23 2011

No description needed for this one. Time lapse footage taken from the International Space Station. Nothing like seeing our home from space.

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In Perspective: Planet Earth As Seen From Mars

Aug 16 2011

With recent imagery sent by the Spirit Rover, from Mars, we are starting to see the big image now. Here is a photo, of our planet (and sun) as seen from the planet mars. Make sure you click the image to see the full version.

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Biggest Satellite

Cold War Spy Weapon & Largest Satellite

Jun 20 2011

This is the largest radio telescope to be constructed on the face of the planet. It was built in 1960's and has many different roles that it served, and serves to this day. It served as a military spy weapon during the Cold War and it disproved many theories and discovered many new things in space such as the first asteroid captured on an image. Take a look at this engineering marvel.

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Why is NASA Blurring Out Certain Parts of the Moon?

Jun 10 2011

A pretty interesting watch about the imagery of the moon taken by NASA.

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Yuriy Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin: First Human in Space (50th Anniversary)

Apr 12 2011

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first human going to space we put together this compilation of photos of Yuri Gagarin. On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space, launched into orbit on the Vostok 3KA-3 spacecraft (Vostok 1).

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